Improving the Acoustics in your Office

Having the right acoustics in your office or workplace can make a difference to how the room feels and how everything sounds. The more noise there is in the office, the higher potential there is to lose concentration and become more distracted. Acoustics play a bit part in the atmosphere of the workplace and can be the difference between a comfortable and uncomfortable space.

When a room is completely empty, noise will bounce from wall to wall, creating an echo effect. If you have a team who are constantly speaking or on the phone, an echo in the office isn’t going to work. The more items and soft furnishings you have, the less noise and echoing will happen. The soft furnishings absorb some noise and help to reach the ambient work environment we all hope for.

Simple soft furnishings are a good place to start and will be the structure of the office. Curtains, rugs, sofas etc are smaller ways to dress a space and once in place can make a significant different to the space. Lessening the noise and making the area warm and comfortable.

Once the basics have been taken care off, its time to make a decision on the additional noise support you need and direction of your office design.

A discreet and cost-effective way to control the noise levels are Acoustic Panels. Acoustic Wall Panels are suitable for any space, even the smallest of offices. Wall panels give the support of an acoustic office screen, without losing any floor space. It’s possible to save the available floor space for more important equipment and much needed furniture.

Another way to save space and up the acoustic properties within the office is the Acoustic Desktop Divider. Using the same thick foam and high quality fabrics, the desktop style is functional and provides a focused approach by reducing noise levels on each desk space, as well as the room as a whole.

Acoustic desktop screens fix to the back of the desk causing no obstructions or wastage of space. Suitable and popular in small and large office spaces and can enhance your office design too.

In a larger office where space isn’t a concern, freestanding Acoustic Office Screens will offer the most effective noise absorption solution. This is due to the size and being able to cover more area with just 1 partition screen.

Heights ranging to 2.3m tall mean a vast height and width can be covered with the acoustic materials. The linkable function can be favorable as the width is adjustable by connecting the appropriate size screens together.

Each acoustic solution can be tailored to meet the budget that you have and make a positive change to the work environment.

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