A Step-By-Step Guide to Troubleshooting of Lowara Submersible Pumps

Lowara pumps are known for their reliability and efficiency when it comes to numerous water applications. These pumps come in plenty of types and shapes to accommodate different application needs. For instance, the Lowara submersible pumps are specifically designed to transfer wastewater and sewage containing solids. However, these pumps may also require repair and maintenance over time. This is where troubleshooting of Lowara submersible pumps comes into play.

Understanding the troubleshooting process will allow you to save time and money on unnecessary repairs or replacements. However, a well-maintained and properly functioning pump is crucial for maintaining an efficient water supply system.

In this blog post, we will provide you with a step-by-step approach to effectively troubleshooting Lowara submersible pumps. This will provide you with the knowledge and techniques needed to identify and resolve common pump problems. So, let’s embark on this problem-solving journey together to ensure that your Lowara submersible pump continues to function properly for years to come.

Step 1: Identify the Issue:

The first step in troubleshooting Lowara submersible pumps is to identify the problem. You need to identify whether the pump is not working properly or not starting at all. Additionally, the pump may also experience a low flow rate or low pressure. Therefore, understanding the problems in your Lowara Ecocirc XLplus N 50-120 F will enable you to resolve them exclusively.

This is why it is crucial to identify the issue before you start troubleshooting.

Step 2: Check the Power Supply:

Make sure your Lowara Ecocirc XLplus D 80-120 F is connected to a stable electrical supply. Inspect all the power connections, sockets, circuit breakers, and fuses to rule out any electrical issues. Resolving power supply issues will not only save you money but also prevent physical and financial losses.

Step 3: Examine Pump Controls:

Troubleshooting Lowara submersible pumps is incomplete if you don’t verify your pump controls. You can verify your pump controls by checking that switches or pressure regulators are set correctly. However, incorrect settings of the pump control can cause malfunctions in pumping.

Step 4: Inspect the Impeller and Motor:

Once you have identified the problem, checked the power supply, and examined the pump controls, you now need to inspect the impeller and motor. Inspect the impeller carefully for any obstruction or damage; the impeller could also be blocked due to dirt or debris. Similarly, check the motors for any signs of overheating, loose connections, or worn-out parts.

Step 5: Test the Pressure Switch:

After inspecting the impeller and motor, test the pressure switch. If your Lowara Ecocirc XLplus N 25-60 is experiencing low or no pressure, then you need to check the pressure switch. Check the switch to see if it is functioning or not. Adjust or replace the switch when needed.

Step 6: Verify the Check Valve:

Verify the check valve because a faulty check valve can lead to backflow or low pressure. Inspect the valve for any blockages or defects, and clean or replace it accordingly. However, cleaning regularly can prevent you from replacing the valve permanently.

Step 7: Evaluate the Wiring:

The damaged wires are not only hazardous but can also turn out to be huge energy and financial losses. Therefore, always examine the wiring connections for any loose or damaged wires. Secure connections, and repair or replace any faulty wiring as soon as possible to avoid losses.

Step 8: Consult the User Manual or Professional Assistance:

Consult the user manual if you have tried troubleshooting Lowara pumps. Looking for the user manual will enable you to resolve the issue according to the guidelines mentioned by the manufacturer. Additionally, you can seek professional help, such as from National Pumps and Boilers, if the problem persists.

Bottom Line:

With this step-by-step guide to troubleshooting Lowara submersible pumps, you can effectively diagnose and resolve common pump issues. Whether you own the Lowara Ecocirc XLplus N 50-120 F, Lowara Ecocirc XLplus D 80-120 F, or Lowara Ecocirc XLplus N 25-60 model, following these steps will help you ensure optimal performance and longevity of your pump system.

For all your Lowara pumps and boilers, trust the expertise of National Pumps & Boilers. With their wide range of high-quality products and dedicated customer service, they are committed to providing reliable solutions for all your pumping needs. Look no further than National Pumps & Boilers for excellence in pump performance and service.

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