Do you need a London party wall surveyor?

If your project is impacted by a party wall issue You may have heard the term “party wall surveyor’ being tossed around. What exactly can this expert aid your home? And is it even necessary?

Let’s discover…

What is a party wall?

Party walls are essentially a boundary, wall or outbuilding that you share with a household. They are typical in semi-detached and terraced homes, however they can also be a problem for detached homes in the event that you have the same garden wall or boundary line.

Although it is easy to identify structures that are shared like the wall that separates two terraces, it may be difficult to identify shared boundaries. Therefore, we recommend that you have an architect in place and in a position to recognize the problems ahead of time and help you decide when to take action.

The work you are doing, you have to tell your friend about

A notice for a party wall is required when you’re building anywhere within 3ms of a party wall, and includes shared boundaries.

The notice should be given at least two months prior to the construction taking place and is given to the legal owners of any property that is affected by the proposed construction. As per the Party Wall etc. Act of 1996, neighbors have 14 days to make a response.

If they sign a written consent in this period the work are allowed to continue. If they are unable to respond or disobey the work, then you’ll need create a party wall agreement.

Do I require party wall surveyor?

Whether you’ll need to legally hire an official surveyor for your party is contingent on the stage you’re at during the process.

In the case of giving notice, hiring an expert on the party wall is entirely up to you. Notices can be written by a surveyor or you. But, hiring a party wall surveyor London to take care of this initial step can bring huge benefits for your project. More on this in the following.

If you’ve not received permission for your construction and require an agreement for a party wall and you’re in need of one, then you’ll require an expert to survey your party wall (maybe perhaps two). These experts can determine the areas in your home and the neighbours you share with are in danger before construction starts. If property damage occurs, their records will shield both parties from false or misleading claims. In addition, since their work is evidence of the property’s condition in the prior period before building, everything damaged can be repaired properly.

Surveyors also oversee the award for the party wall and establish the duration and method by which work must be conducted including working hours, access and safety measures to lower the chance of property destruction.

Typically both you and your neighbor are the only ones to share the same wall surveyor. But, it’s possible for them to claim their own surveyor, as well (we’re we’re sorry to report) in both instances, you’ll be responsible for the cost.

The advantages of having a wall surveyor for your party starting from the beginning

While hiring a party wall surveyor isn’t required for serving notices We highly suggest that you think about getting their expertise in the process.

The appointment of a party wall surveyor prior to the beginning in the procedure is the most effective step you can take to ensure that all proper procedures are observed. It is important since if the notice originally issued isn’t valid , any response (positive positive or negative) received will therefore become invalid legally also. This could open you up to oppositions, and possibly affecting your neighbor’s confidence in your.

The presence of a surveyor at the beginning could assist you in helping maintain a good relationship with your neighbor, easing any concerns they may have and ensuring that their property will be secure.

This is crucial because you need to ensure that you have the best possible chance of obtaining written consent right from the beginning. In the absence of this, you can lead to a lengthy process that could last three or more months, and result in the cost can be much higher. It’s not just you who has to pay for your own expenses as well as those of your neighbor as well. This could run into the hundreds of thousands, especially when they decide to hire an independent wall surveyor to their party on their own. If you invest in a wall surveyor for your party from the beginning it could save you much time and money in the future.

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