LATEST: Number Of Licensing Schemes And Fines Increased During 2022, Data Shows

A record 525 landlord licensing schemes are expected to be live in England and Wales by next summer, with about 20 more active schemes compared to this month.

Licensing compliance company Kamma reports that 2022 has already been a busy year for local authorities, which have launched 52 schemes and consultations (mandatory, additional and selective), five more than the previous year.

Enforcement is also on the rise as councils step up their efforts to target the PRS. More than 12% of all fines in London were handed out in the last 12 months, an increase of £1 million since last December, indicating a major post-pandemic increase in enforcement.

Kamma says August topped the chart as the most active month for fine activity, with at least £238,000 in fines handed out in that month alone.

Errant landlords Errant landlords and agents are also being hit with larger average fines, now £4,357 for landlords and £4,695 for letting agents. Kamma reports that 78% of all agent and landlord fines are related to management and licensing of houses and HMOs, which can be linked to the increase in both schemes and enforcement across London.

Camden Council continues to top the enforcement list in terms of number of cases brought forward in the capital last year, followed closely by Newham and Waltham Forest, while Camden (£1.8m), Waltham Forest (£1.4m) and Newham (£1.2m) are the top three councils for total fines.

But Hammersmith and Fulham takes top spot for handing out the heftiest average fines of £19,800, followed by Hillingdon with an average of £13,500, and Hackney with £11,250.

Kamma CEO Orla Shields (pictured) says: “As awareness grows throughout 2023, more landlords and agents will be called out for malpractice, inevitably leading to a rise in fines.”

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