Landlords Tell Court About ‘terrifying’ Flame Thrower Attack By Tenant At Flat

A court has heard the terrifying story of a tenant who attacked his landlords with a home-made flame thrower within his shared apartment.

Landlords Waldemar and Justyna Fijakowski were cleaning the common areas of the property in Warrington in March when 31-year-old tenant Piergiuliano Atzori (main picture, inset) started shouting Justyna’s name from his room.

After Mrs Fijakowski then walked to his door to investigate, Atzori fired a makeshift flame thrower at her, with the blaze passing within inches of her face.

She ran out of the house and called the police while her husband, on hearing the commotion, also investigated and was fired upon.

Flames Mr Fijakowski then hid behind the kitchen door and, when he opened it to see if Atzori had retreated, a plume of flame ripped between the door and the frame.

ITV News reports that Mr Fijakowski then began wrestling with the tenant punching him several times to the face, taking him to the floor and restraining him with the help of another occupant.

When officers from Cheshire police arrived and Atzori was arrested he was also found to have a Stanley knife in his possession.

The court heard that in previous days Atzori had sent dozens of abusive messages to Mrs Fijakowski.

Weapon He had previously admitted two counts of making threats with an offensive weapon and harassment, although Mrs Fijakowski told the court in a prepared statement that she remained fearful of him and that “he knew where they lived”.

Atzori, who was described as having mental health problems and a previous conviction for a public order offence in 2019, was jailed for two years and given a restraining order preventing him from contacting Mr and Mrs Fijakowski for 10 years.

Read more about attacks on landlords. Pics credit: Google Streetview/Mersey Police.

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