Why Using A Written Tenancy Agreement Is Important

Does it constitute a legal requirement to sign an agreement in writing for tenancy?

The law in England and Wales there are no laws that require you to document the tenancy agreement in writing. A landlord is able to agree on conditions with the tenant verbally. The law in Scotland the short-assured tenancies (SATs) have to be documented in writing in order to be legally valid.

The use of oral agreements is often preferable when the landlord is familiar with the tenant well in advance and has confidence in him or if the landlord wants for the arrangements to remain casual in order to be changed or terminated quickly.

A lack of a written contract does not benefit the landlord in any way but not the tenant.

The most crucial point to learn of this post is an assured shorthold lease is made in certain situations regardless of whether it’s documented in a written document.

Writing the agreement down doesn’t affect the rights tenants have under an AST, or the obligations of the landlord.

In addition, tenants enjoy certain rights that can’t be revoked, either through a written agreement or in any other way. The landlord is not able to remove these rights under the law through an oral contract, nor is able to claim that they didn’t exist in the contract since they were not written in.

Certain rights pertain to the termination of a tenancy or altering the terms of the lease, so it’s an error to believe that an informal arrangement could be terminated or altered swiftly. In the case of an oral agreement it’s not really an arrangement that is informal, but the agreement itself.

There are many reasons to use a signed Tenancy agreement

It is a criminal offense for landlords not to give a tenant an outline of the principal conditions of the agreement in the first 6 months of the commencement of the tenancy and within 28 days after a demand from the tenant to obtain the details. If a landlord is able to provide information to the tenant writing, it’s as easy to document the whole contract in writing.

Written agreements signed by all parties can’t be contestable at a later date. Written agreements serve as an official record of the agreement. If a tenancy agreement was reached by verbal agreement, there might be disputes in the future over the terms reached, even if when the the agreement the terms appeared to be unambiguous.

After the tenancy is in place and the tenant has signed the lease, it is impossible to make a tenant agree to a contract no matter if it alters the terms agreed to in writing or simply acknowledges that they have signed them. A landlord shouldn’t allow the tenant move in until the documents are completed (and the deposit is gone through the banks). In the event that he allows it, maybe after having negotiated the terms informally but he will not be able to record the terms.

The majority of law favors the tenant. But, there exist instances in which the power balance could be returned to the landlord by incorporating specific clauses in the lease. One example is limiting certain things that the tenant is allowed to do in the property. A written agreement permits the landlord to demonstrate that the tenant has been protected in a higher degree than an oral agreement could permit.

For the deposit statutory schemes, landlords must sign a lease agreement.

To utilize the expedited possession process to remove tenants who are not satisfied, the landlord must executed a written tenancy contract.

Certain organizations, such as banks or benefit offices could have the tenant prove that he is a tenant by requesting an original copy of the lease agreement. It might not be feasible that the landlord can keep his property to the way the landlord would like when the tenant is not able to access the services which require proof that he is an owner.


The law does not require that permission to occupy to be written down. However many of the same arguments in favor of an agreement in writing for tenancy.

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