uPVC Windows UK: A Complete Guide

In the UK Upvc windows have been the preferred choice of homeowners who want high-end energy efficient, affordable windows. They are renowned for their durability and low maintenance requirements and energy savings It’s easy to see why they’ve become an increasingly sought-after option.

The latest uPVC windows are extremely energy efficient which means that the energy required for heating your house in the cold winter months will not escape through the windows. This decreases the amount of energy used to heat your home and results in lower energy costs.

However, the benefits that come with uPVC windows, whether for your home, as well as for your environment don’t just stop there. In this guide, we’ll cover everything uPVC windows ranging from the different kinds of uPVC windows to the most important suggestions for replacing windows using uPVC.

What exactly is an uPVC window?

Unplasticized polyvinylchloride, also known as uPVC is a durable plastic that is used to create doors and windows across the UK. Its strength makes it a ideal material to strengthen the strength of heavy glass panels, like triple or double glazing.

“Plasticising” techniques used in the production of plastic items will typically soften the plastic. Because uPVC can be described as “unplasticised” it maintains its toughness, which makes it extremely durable, water resistant, and virtually maintenance-freewith the exception of a few times wiping off with damp sponge!

These characteristics are what contribute to uPVC an environmentally friendly material in production. uPVC is an inert substance and does not release any toxic substances into the atmosphere when it is produced or used.

It’s also durable, meaning it will not require replacement frequently (which can be beneficial to your wallet) It’s also recyclable, which means less the amount of waste. In comparison to other materials, like wooden, uPVC is also a material that requires minimal maintenance. It isn’t susceptible to rot or corrosion due to excessive moisture.

Being a very effective thermal insulator uPVC windows are able to regulate the temperature in buildings throughout the year. It also helps reduce the amount of energy used for cooling and heating. Particularly, if you depend on gas, or oil-based heating and cooling, installing uPVC can reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

If we choose uPVC windows, we will aid in reducing the amount of energy and waste, at the lowest cost available. The cost differs in price between uPVC as well as aluminium or wood is substantial and new aluminium and wooden windows sold in the UK generally costing between 35% and 50 percent more than uPVC windows.

The kinds of uPVC windows

If you are looking for the latest windows made of uPVC, it’s essential to think about some factors that will help you choose the best design for your home and ease of use.

Certain window designs are ideal to let plenty of air flow while others can help keep an aesthetic. Some are particularly secure, which makes your home secure.

So, choosing the best style of window will depend on the features you like. Here are a few of the most well-known uPVC window designs to assist you.

UPVC casement windows

A casement window is attached on its uPVC frame using the use of hinges that are mounted on its sides. They can be opened completely to let plenty of air and natural light in your home. The full opening can also provide wide, clear views.

They can be opened with the handle and seal them closed. The seal is airtight and waterproof, which makes casement windows, together with uPVC windows, among the most energy efficient windows available. The handle can also function as a lock mechanism, which increases the security of your home.

The only drawback to the uPVC casement window or straight window or a casement uPVC windows is the fact that it’s somewhat limited by the size that the windows are. Because they’re designed to fully open outwards, uPVC frames are not able to support windows that are large (roughly over 1,700mm high).

uPVC sliding windows with sash

A sliding Sash window is a stylish classic option that can enhance the appearance of your home. The windows come with two sashes, one which opens vertically over the other.

Traditional timber sash windows are not as efficient and secure than other types of windows that use uPVC sliding sash windows, they have higher levels in thermal performance. Additionally modern locking mechanisms increase the security of sliding sash windows.

In comparison to a casement window You can expect to have a bit less airflow as sliding sash windows don’t completely open.

Turn and tilt uPVC windows

Turn and tilt uPVC windows are a contemporary versatile, practical, and functional extension of the casement windows. As with casements, they are fully open from an attached hinge on the side. However, they can also open to the side from a hinge at the bottom. The door can be opened in or closed depending on how you place the handle.

If you’d prefer to have an air-conditioned space that is smaller or ventilation, the tilt and turn window allows you to do this easily. To give you peace of mind it increases the security of your house as nobody can squeeze through this small of a window.

Certain tilt-and-turn windows will allow you to adjust the opening’s angle. It’s an excellent way to ensure constant levels of airflow even when it’s raining outside because the opening is angled to prevent rainwater, as well as heavy windows from getting into your home.

One of the main drawbacks is that they open completely inwards. This may not be appropriate for smaller areas. In addition, as with casement windows, they don’t always be able to handle heavy glass.

Windows with Slimline uPVC

Slimline windows are typically constructed from aluminium. However, they could also be constructed from uPVC If you’re seeking a less costly alternative that still has the desired appearance and greater glass area.

Slimline windows made of uPVC are a kind of window made with smaller frames than conventional windows. This allows the use of a greater glass surface, which allows for maximum lighting into the room. This is all while offering the possibility of A+and energy efficiency ratings when using double-glazed windows.

The slim shape of uPVC frame gives it a distinctive contemporary appearance, which makes it a popular choice for modern buildings and houses. Furthermore the thin uPVC windows look stunning with large windows because they let in the most natural light as well as the most expansive perspectives.

French windows made of uPVC

Upvc French windows are extremely popular and sought-after classic window designs because they provide an intimate connection to the outside. French windows are made up of two sections that can be opened either inwards or outwards via an attached hinge on the side, without the need for a fixed frame between them. Closed or open, French windows let plenty of sunlight and airflow to be able to enter rooms and provide wide views when fully opened. French windows can also function as doors.

But, French windows are difficult to install because of their length and the requirement for plenty of space to fully swing open. It is suggested to select French doors rather than French windows if there isn’t enough room for French windows. In the end, French windows are a beautiful and practical addition to any home that will enhance the appearance and function of the property.

uPVC Windows Glazing Bar Styles

Regular uPVC windows can be customized with the help of glazing bars. They can be astragal, which means they extend from the outside, or Georgian which is where they are laid inside. They can be added in a variety of options and sizes.

Victorian fashion uPVC windows

In the beginning, Victorian windows were made of wood. They usually have two grid-like bars that span two panes that slide in a Sash design. It is a very popular option because it is reminiscent of the Victorian period and gives your home an elegant look.

Today, many companies offer the option of fitting Victorian windows made of uPVC. This newer style of window requires much less maintenance than if it was made of wood because there is no requirement to do semi-regular re-varnishing. It also has a lower chance of the material bending or decaying.

Traditional Victorian-style wooden windows are also more costly to install. With uPVC this unique design is more affordable for anyone who wants to install windows that are brand new. You can pick almost any color for your uPVC windows, or get the windows coated in a wooden grain finish. This will make your uPVC windows look like wooden windows, and immediately increases the visual appeal of your windows.

uPVC cottage style windows

If you’re looking to add some classic charm to your windows while staying in line with the latest efficiency and security standards, uPVC cottage-style windows are the perfect option they are also known by the name of Georgian as well as Tudor windows.

Traditional wooden cottage style windows are susceptible to rotting and warping without regular maintenance. With uPVC reinforcements, you will be able to have a long-lasting, maintenance-free option that retains the sought-after look.

They can function in the same manner as a casement or sash window, making them an ideal choice. They can be easily identified by the tiny glass panels that are separated by thin bars that form an arc across the panel. They also increase the strength of the glass, which will increase the security for your house.

For expert advice on the most suitable types of uPVC windows for your home, make sure to contact us.

Colored uPVC windows

When it comes to selecting the best windows for your home, a lot people imagine white uPVC. But did you know that uPVC windows come in a wide range of colors, ranging from subtle shades to vibrant and bold shades? You can also choose two-colour designs, which include an exterior colour that is in keeping with the style of your home, and white inside to match your interior décor.

If you like the look of wooden windows that are traditional but do not want the cost or maintenance associated with the traditional wooden windows, uPVC windows that have textures of wood grain like rosewood or light oak, will give you the look you desire at less than the price.

With the variety of colors that are available, there’s no reason to settle for boring windows, or windows that don’t match to other elements of your house. If you’re looking to stand out or just enhance the style of your home There’s uPVC color that can give you the impact you’re seeking.

Grey windows made of uPVC

Light and dark grey uPVC windows are popular for contemporary window units. The slim grey window frames can be a visual representation of aluminium or steel, which could provide your windows with a contemporary appearance. Although grey is a great complement to modern homes and buildings but it can be used with any type of uPVC window as it’s a neutral color.

With grey uPVC, you are able to select a shade that complements stone exterior walls or make use of it to highlight with bright brick walls. Grey is a popular color for windows since it does not show dirt as readily as white.

Black uPVC windows

The black uPVC windows can be a striking color that can seamlessly blend into any home. Similar to grey, they can make a statement in a modern home particularly with sleek frames. It also gives the appearance that of dark aluminium windows, however at a an affordable cost.

Furthermore, black frames create a strong visual anchor that draws the eye towards the windows, providing a focal point for the structure. If you’re looking to make an eye-catching statement or give a sophisticated touch to your house with black uPVC windows are an elegant and practical option.

White windows made of uPVC

White uPVC frames are a timeless and classic option for windows that won’t go out of fashion. It’s a neutral color that is able to match any style of home that is modern or traditional. White uPVC frames can make small rooms appear larger and brighter by reflecting sunlight and create an illusion of larger spaces.

Furthermore white frames are also easy to keep clean, since they aren’t prone to showing dirt or scratches as readily as dark shades. If you’re planning to renovate your home or creating a new one, the white uPVC frames can be a secure and fashionable choice that won’t let you down.

Replacement uPVC windows

The replacement of your windows with brand new uPVC replacement windows will bring many benefits to your home. This can include improved energy efficiency, improved security, and you have the chance to match your windows with the design of your house.

Old windows that have been damaged or warped, as well as difficult to open or close need to be replaced. They could also allow in noise and draughts that can cause disturbance at your home. Windows with single glazing are an obvious sign of old windows that are required to be replaced.

How do you determine the size of uPVC windows

The measurement of your windows is a crucial step in the process of uPVC windows replacement. This is because the new windows must be sized to fit in the space of your home. Improper measurements could lead to costly errors and delays, which could result in increased costs.

When measuring windows, like a typical 1,200mm x 1,200mm uPVC windows, it is crucial to consider the entire frame of the window, including the windowsill, and the frame extension, and the space that holds the window in its place (render rendering).

Measurements taken from an outside view of the house will give a more precise representation of the uPVC window’s size. It is also suggested to measure the width and height in three different locations: on the right and left sides, and the centre. Then, use the smallest measurement of both dimensions. This will account for any natural expansion that might be observed in hot weather.

If you’re not sure what you should do about taking measurements of your windows when it’s the time for replacement of the uPVC windows, then you should consult an expert installer who will assist you. A lot of companies offer this service for free before giving you a price for window installation.

Are uPVC windows good?

When you are looking to select new windows there are several typical materials to think about. UPVC windows are an excellent alternative if you’re seeking the cheapest replacement. They offer a few less options in terms of finish compared to aluminium windows, yet provide a wide selection of options of options to choose from.

However, uPVC can have a wood-like appearance, and can be an ideal alternative to wooden windows if you’re seeking a solution that can reduce the need for maintenance required over time that is required for wooden windows.

Although uPVC is a preferred option due to its low cost and low maintenance requirements, there’s no guarantee that it’s the best choice.

Aluminium and wood are commonly used materials for windows. Aluminium is renowned for its durability and strength which makes it an ideal option for sleek and modern styles. However wood has a classic and traditional appearance and feel and can last for up to 50 years if properly maintained. Wood is easily customizable to fit any style and has excellent insulation properties.

You can also opt for a combination of the energy advantages of wooden windows with the strength and beauty of aluminium by selecting composite windows.

Aluminium and wood come with distinct advantages and disadvantages. To assist you in making an informed choice between these two materials we’ve created a comparison table that takes into consideration aspects like maintenance efficiency, energy efficiency as well as affordability and sustainability.

Find the top uPVC window offers

Comparing prices from the top and most trustworthy installers is a certain method of securing the most favorable prices for your new uPVC windows because you are able to choose the contractor that offers the most competitive, most competitive cost.

If you are looking for uPVC window replacement in your area It is essential to choose the best installers from the most reliable firms. If you do this you can be sure that any low-cost uPVC window prices they provide won’t result in poor quality installation.

It is possible to do this by visiting the website of an installer for endorsements from the industry, awards and professional qualifications and testimonials and reviews from customers.

We recommend you search for installers in the vicinity of your area. Prices for installation can differ according to region, and regional installers are likely to price their services in line with the region. Additionally, local businesses will charge less for the transportation of parts and labor than the more well-known nationwide uPVC window manufacturers.

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