Am I eligible to make a claim for Housing Disrepair?

In the event that your landlord isn’t completed the repairs that they are responsible for or the repairs aren’t done according to the standard required then you may file a claim for damages to your property. While disrepair claims are typically brought by tenants to their landlords, these claims may be filed by any member of the tenant’s families. It doesn’t matter whether the landlord is a local authority or a private individual, If they’re in violation of their repair obligations, you’re entitled to bring action.

What is the best time to make a home repair claim be filed?

Before you are able to file an claim, you’ll first must report the issue to your landlord. If they’re in a position to perform the repairs but fail to make the repairs in a reasonable amount of time or at a reasonable standard, you may file an appeal.

The time frame you must start your claim is contingent on the actions you wish to do.

If you’re filing claims for compensation to repair the damage caused by poor housing You can file claims during or following the term of your tenancy, if it’s within six years after the date repairs were completed.
If you’re seeking the court to issue an order, or an injunction to require the landlord to perform work, you must submit your request within the tenancy.

If you’re submitting an injury claim in the personal area you must submit an application within 3 years from the time you first became aware of the accident.

What amount can I claim?

Typically, the compensation for disrepair includes inconvenience, discomfort or pain and injury or loss of enjoyment, and physical injuries. Compensation is usually in as a reduction in rent that covers the duration of the repair. The amount of reduction will be granted is contingent on the standard of rent that is paid for a similar housing. The fact that a tenant receives housing benefits will not affect the amount of damages an individual tenant suffers due to the condition of their property.

The damage can also be compensated for the cost of any personal items damaged due to the damage, the cost of the work you’ve had pay for , or the cost of finding an alternative place to stay. How much you’re entitled to claim will depend on the conditions. You should contact a housing repair lawyer for a comprehensive evaluation of what you might get.

Housing damage: why should you should you choose us?

There’s no need to live in silence. Our experienced housing disrepair solicitors will help you start your claim and will help you navigate the whole process, making sure that you receive the most amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

From ensuring that you meet all pre-action requirements and contacting the landlord on your behalf, to constructing an effective claim and negotiating favorable settlement conditions, we’ll be on your side. If we are unable to negotiate an agreement that is mutually beneficial We’ll vigorously defend your rights before the courts.

There’s no need to be concerned about the costs involved in making claims. Our experts on housing repairs provide a wide range of funding options and will take on cases on a win or fee basis.

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