LAUNCH: Novel System That Eliminates Damp And Mould In Rented Properties

A new ‘mechanical ventilation with heat recovery’ (MVHR) system aims to provide the solution to landlords’ damp and mould problems.

Ebac’s self-managing, ‘hands-off’ eco-system is designed to be installed in a loft opening and works to continually extract polluted, humid air from a building and replace it with fresh air taken from outside through a heat exchange system.

The company’s Smart Control system adjusts airflow and performance levels based on live readings from the building’s internal climate, reducing energy usage and requires no programming.

The scale of the UK’s damp and mould problem continues to make headlines following the death of toddler Awaab Ishak which prompted the government to announce plans earlier this year to tackle mould within the private and social housing sectors through updated guidance and initiatives.

It also confirmed that the PRS’s new housing ombudsman would lead the battle against mould.

Andrew Hobson, Ebac’s sales and marketing director, says with the new legislation and retrofit requirements for commercial and residential buildings in the lead up to 2050, its system offers a more cost-effective solution for housing associations, councils and private landlords to ensure that their tenants live in healthier, more energy-efficient spaces.

He adds: “Our Smart Control feature means that tenants and homeowners do not have to touch the units, only requiring a filter change every 12-24 months depending on usage.”

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