LATEST: Tenant Campaign Group Mobilises For London Rent Freeze

Campaign group the London Renters Union has stepped up its attempt to freeze rents in the capital, while blaming “out of control” landlords for recent rises.

A public meeting on 15th November labelled ‘Building the movement for a rent freeze’ aims to lead discussions on how to “unite and build the struggle”, ahead of its day of action as part of the #RentFreezeNow campaign, on 3rd December.

The union cites the success of Living Rent campaigners in Scotland who it says helped prompt the country’s Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) Scotland Bill, which has frozen rents until at least next March.

London mayor Sadiq Khan recently repeated his call for the power to freeze rents and introduce rent controls, claiming that the move would save families about £3,000 during the next two years.

Rent rises However, London Renters Union believes more than one million renters every month are having their rent put up and that its members are facing annual rent increases of at least £5,000.

“We’re living in a cost of living crisis, and rents are rising faster than ever but the government has done absolutely nothing to protect renters,” it explains.

“Rent increases are forcing us out of our communities and leaving us without enough for food and other essentials. Estate agents and landlords are out of control – and while they get richer, we get poorer.”

It adds: “We can only win a rent freeze by uniting our struggles, getting organised and making the connections between the fight for affordable housing and wider struggles against exploitation and oppression.”

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