Interest Rates Have Gone Up, But Here’s Why Landlords Don’t Need To Panic

Landlords have been under a lot of pressure recently, with interest rates going up, house prices dropping, and changes in government, anxiety levels have been at an all-time high. But despite the current state of affairs, we still have options to help us get through this patch without panicking.

For many Landlords, selling has been the best option. This doesn’t mean that they’ve had to say goodbye to their entire portfolio, most landlords have opted to sell the majority and keep a few core profitable buy-to-lets ticking over to weather the storm.

Market worries One of the concerns some landlords have had with this option is a) they’re worried what price they’ll be able to get for their portfolios in this current market and b) what to do about a market which appears to have less buyer interest than back in June.

As specialists, and trusted partners of LandlordZONE, this is where we’re here to take away the stress. At Landlord Sales Agency, we’re experts in selling landlord portfolios, no matter what condition, and no matter whether there’s tenants in, out, or renovations, refurbs and certificates that need doing or getting.

We’re also aware of the current market, which is why our team of specialists have the best strategy to get you the highest price possible so you can take a step back, and recoup the costs before next year’s economic uncertainty.

Most of our landlords are happy to work with 85% of the current market value, and for this we take the whole portfolio off your hands and deal with every single issue to get it sold within 7 to 28 days. At first glance this might seem conservative, however it’s a huge win when Estate Agents are unlikely to sell for more, and if they can, by the time they sell the market will have dropped again.

Put simply, 85% of 100% value in this current market is the highest you’ll get compared to waiting until next year and potentially getting 85% of 90% when the market drops.

Added to this, our formula 1 style team of portfolio exit specialists are here to help with whatever you need, and ensure that everything runs smoothly and fast so you can sit back and relax knowing you’ve got a great price for your buy-to-lets and zero hassle to worry about from this point onwards:

We have a list of buyers who will buy your properties without having to evict tenants. This dramatically cuts down the time it takes to sell, plus means that you can continue collecting rent all the way up until the actual sale. For those properties that require evictions, we personally help your tenants relocate, or help them financially to find a new place. No matter how many houses you have, or in what condition, we’ll take them all off your hands, and get you the highest price for your portfolios in less than 21 days. We sell entire property portfolios, or partial portfolios in bulk in one go. We’ve got an extensive list of over 30,000 private buyers and relationships with the top property buying companies. Most of our portfolios sell within a week which is exactly what landlords need right now. We simply don’t have time to waste. We sell properties either in one go as a full portfolio or as single units, depending on your instruction. Unlike traditional estate agents, or other property buying companies, both methods are extremely fast. We work quickly to collect information about rent, tenant history, running costs and ensure all certificates are in place to guarantee the sale is not delayed.

If any certificates are missing, we have a team of engineers, builders and experts who will get all the certificates and paperwork done for you. The stress is completely removed out of the sale, and seller involvement is kept to a minimum so you can relax knowing it’s in swift and extremely capable hands.

Furthermore, we take our promise to ‘solve any landlord problem’ so seriously that, as a result of the number of enquiries we’ve received from landlords with cash flow problems, we can also use the equity tied into property to offer an interest-free loan of up to £20,000 to be repaid on completion.

We know what it’s like right now to be a landlord who needs to sell, and we’re here to help.

We’re so confident in what we do, we can afford to go the extra mile to really help landlords get through this tough patch, and get the highest possible price for their property portfolio.

So if you want to exit the market, talk to us today.

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