Why is everyone using Plaster in Downlights?

The latest trend is plaster in downlights. We’re getting increasing numbers of people using the plaster in spotlights for their projects There are many advantages. As the trends for home decor shift, we’re seeing more homeowners embracing the minimalist design and trimless lighting is in fashion. This type of lighting could provide all the advantages of standard downlights but not affecting the style of your house. They seamlessly blend into the decor of your home and appear completely invisible, aside from the amount of light they provide.

The LED Collection

We keep up with the latest trends in lighting and are ensuring we have the most recent and innovative lighting products. We’ve been hard at work to introduce unique designs to market that have been extremely well-loved and we are currently working on more on the way.

The first product we introduced was our basic IP20 plaster for downlights which is a basic design that offers 30 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation so that you can place the light exactly to the areas that require it most. The best part about the lighting range of plaster is that they’re all antiglare, meaning that you can benefit from the light’s output however, it is not visible. When you enter in a space it is not surrounded by the glaring lighting, instead they are concealed around one inch deep in the ceiling. The anti-glare style also lets the planning of lighting which will not impede your design, and even though plaster-in lighting is intended to be concealed, it provides an elegant look to all rooms.

What is the reason for GU10 fittings?

It’s not a secret that no thing lasts forever, and over time, things require replacement This is also the case when it comes to LED downlights. We’ve designed our range of downlights with plaster to work with the standard LED lamps with GU10 to allow for ease of repair and maintenance of the lamps. If you’re a certified electrician or a homeowner the trimless downlights collection can allow you to take the bezel off and then replace the lamp as you require.

Each of our GU10 fittings come with junction boxes that are free of maintenance which allows you to relax and enjoy the new lighting with no worries.

Matt Black LED Trimless Downlights

Over the last few years, you’ll have seen the home with a black style trend. Many of us are adding the black look of fixtures, accessories, and fittings to our homes. A perfect complement for a white ceiling the matte black selection is in style and extremely sought-after. Every downlight in this collection is expertly powder coated to create smooth and matte finish that will complement your interior style. The black coating additionally reduces glare. It is ideal for spaces like bedrooms, cinemas and other living spaces where a soft lighting is required.

Twin Plaster in the GU10 Downlights

Apart from the single fittings we offer, we wanted include a fitting that could be used in commercial spaces. This is the reason our square and twin fittings come into play. Also, nobody in the UK offered an GU10 dual GU10 trimless downlight that was certified for fire, so we had one created! Available in the black and matt white choices The collection is one that we are very pleased to introduce into the UK market for a very reasonable cost, which makes it accessible for everyone.

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