Top 5 benefits of smart lighting

On the surface it may appear like an upgrade that isn’t much. Do you really need to switch a light on and off? However, figuring out the vast array of advantages they offer can be a challenge. This is until you’ve experienced these benefits. If you’ve never experienced satisfaction from the enchanting glowing glow, here are our top 5 reasons to never ever want living in a home without them.

1. Convenience

The first and most important thing is that smart lighting lets you light the entire house at once. Being able to flick your fingers from off to on in all rooms at the same time reduces the amount of switch-flipping. To go to sleep is similarly simple. The lights will always be on even when you’re cozy and warm in your the bed.

Playing around with the app could seem to be the same effort as turning a traditional switch However, there are other alternatives. The bulbs come with voice activation and a wide range of digital assistants. It is possible to set automated timers to align your lighting with the time of sunset and sunrise for instance. Geofencing helps a bunch, too. Your lights will shut off after you leave the home and then turn back on when you return back. With a minimal setup the lights will operate with a cruise control.

2. Conserving energy

If your home is using traditional incandescent light bulbs and you’re likely to upgrade to LEDs in the near future it’s a good idea to spend a little more and enjoy certain added features. Smart lighting doesn’t only save energy simply by virtue of being LEDs. They also save energy by virtue of.

In the event that you can remotely and automatically control what lights are on, you’ll be able to make sure that you only use lighting when and where required. This could further reduce the electrical consumption that is already low , from being an LED. This ultimately saves you energy costs and is beneficial to the environment by decreasing dependence on grid.

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3. Oh, the colors!

Take a look at the rainbow and be happy! Although it may seem somewhat silly, especially when you choose the most extravagant colors from the beginning. These colors are certainly interesting and are likely to make a great fun for a while for the kids around the home However, there’s also a subtil side to it.

In normal daily activities Being able to switch lights from cool to warmer whites could affect the way you perform. A warm, cozy dim light is great to lounge on the couch and reading a good book. If it’s raining outside and you’re trying to be awake and focused on your work A cool lighting can provide a unique edge to your surroundings.

4. Connect the lights to entertainment

Entertainment sync is one the most advanced features that you’ll encounter when you look at smart lighting solutions however, it’s really something else. By watching the video signal that is going through your television and mapping out the colors that appear on your edges, you are able to link the smart lighting in your home to reflect the dominant colors in the region. In this way that if you’re watching an film and there’s an explosion that’s visible on the left side of the screen, the entire side of the room could be lit up with the colors of oranges and yellows. The degree of immersion that this can create is unlike anything elsewhere.

This exciting feature isn’t restricted to TV or movies shows as well. Spotify is now able to connect to Hue bulbs, meaning that your your lights flash with the beat. If you need to dance it’s a great upgrade.

5. Security

Smart lights can enhance the security of your home. It is possible to remotely turn lights off and back on regardless of how far you are. But the most convenient feature is when you purchase a smart lighting system with an individual far-away mode. They will regularly and randomly turn the lights off and on and any prospective visitors might think there’s a sign of life in the room.

Many smart lights are activated through motion triggers too. This is a crucial feature for outdoor lighting and will effectively deter any attempt to get through the back of the house.

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