The Pros & Cons of Estate Agents in Kettering

Traditional estate agents are responsible for marketing and selling the majority of homes in England and the UK, it’s an understatement to claim that they play a minimal function in the real estate market. However, how important are their services in the sale of your home? Are you able to sell your house privately without the aid from an estate broker?

What if I wanted to sell my home without the help of an estate agent?

Technically, it’s feasible to market your house without the help of an estate agent. If you’ve got the patience, time and perseverance it is possible to consider this possibility. Selling your house without an estate agent, and selling straight to buyers referred to as private house sales.

However, before taking the leap of selling your home privately It is essential to study everything that an agent performs when selling a house. This will allow you to decide what you can save on their fees is worth the expense and strain of dealing with the selling process for the most important of your assets on your own.

Pros and pros of selling through an estate agent Kettering

If you choose to work with a high-street agent, they make use of their local knowledge, experience of the housing market, as well as house sales training to help the sale


Local expertise

High street agents possess an extensive knowledge of the local area and are deeply embedded within the local area. Local knowledge can assist them in setting the ideal price for your property and help you market it efficiently.


These agents typically have a database of prospective buyers that have indicated an an interest in purchasing a house in the neighborhood. When you choose to hire an agent who is high-stret to market your house the property will be promoted directly to those buyers.


Alongside their local connections and knowledge These agents are also able to access the most popular and efficient internet-based marketing platforms. They’ll have the ability to sell your house in Rightmove and Zoopla which are the two portals on which the majority of potential buyers begin their search for a home. A lot of agents have social media profilesthat could be used to advertise properties to a broad public online.
Handling viewings

If you have the services of an estate agency, they’ll manage viewings of buyers for you. It’s not just a way to ease the stress of selling your home for you, but it’s an excellent security measure. They’ll screen potential buyers on the basis of their financial standing and credibility before they are allowed to come for an appointment. They are trained to identify fraudsters and time-wasters before they can become a problem. If an agent is conducting inspections, you won’t be concerned about the security risk that comes with inviting strangers into your home. If you do not employ an agent, you’ll need to schedule viewings by yourself.


Once you’ve received an offer from your agent, they becomes your negotiator. Although you can make offers on your own but having a middleman usually beneficial when someone is interested in purchasing your house. In addition to being experienced in house sale negotiations Agents can also act to act as an intermediary between buyer and seller should the discussion become hot. An experienced agent will be able to ensure that you get the highest selling price.

Sales progression

The work of an agent doesn’t end after you’ve accepted an offer. They can also serve as the point of contact with your lawyer, and can help ensure that the conveyancing process runs smoothly. This is especially helpful when there are many people involved, such as an extended chain or leasehold property. Estate agents are extremely adept in keeping things moving up to the moment of the exchange of contracts.

Security in case things go wrong

Utilizing an agent for selling your home will also protect you legally and financially should something happen to your property. They generally operate on a “no fee, no sell basis. Therefore, if you do not succeed in selling your house it won’t be required to pay for the time an estate agent put into the process of selling your house or to cover the costs associated with marketing. If something occurs, you’ll be in a position to appeal to the Property Ombudsman.


Although there are many benefits when working with an agent a few negatives. These include:

Estate agent fees

As with any service there is a cost with employing the services of an estate broker. It’s usually an amount of the final price you sell that ranges from 0.75 percent and 3% plus VAT.

The amount they charge will vary based on the size and the location of your house. Some estate agents , usually online agents, have a set fee in advance. We advise against these types of experts in property: if they’re unable to sell your house and you don’t get a refund of the amount you paid.

Not all estate agents provide top-level service

There are more than 18,000 estate agencies across the UK. Some of them don’t offer excellent service. Perhaps it’s due to lack of proper experience, they’re not local, or do not have the capability to manage your estate sale or estate sale, an estate agent who doesn’t meet the standards will greatly reduce your chances of getting the highest price for your house.

Can I place an advert through Zoopla as well as Rightmove and not require an agent?

A large number of people use Rightmove and Zoopla every month. At Christmas the number of people using these portals regularly reaches the thousands. Evidently, the most popular websites for property are essential for marketing in the event that you’re planning to sell your house.

You won’t be able advertise for sale on Zoopla or Rightmove should you decide to sell your home without having an estate agency. The most popular property websites that include Rightmove, Zoopla, and OnTheMarket are only able to allow the posting of ads on their website when you’re working together with an estate broker.

In this way, when you decide to sell your home without an agent, you’ll need look at other options for marketing. In most cases you’ll be required to perform more work to attain the same result in the same way as the Rightmove or Zoopla advertisement.

Can I save money by selling my house without the help of an agent?

In the majority of cases there is no way to get a better price by selling your house through agents. It is likely that working with an traditional estate agent provides more cost-effective as opposed to trying to sell the house by yourself.

There are two possible explanations to this:

It is possible to sell your home more when you employ an estate agent. Research conducted by The Advisory found that, in the average, high-end estate agents could get a 5% more asking price than selling your home online. This more than offsets the fees they charge.
There are a lot of expenses that are covered by the traditional fees of agents however, you’ll still be required to pay for: Although you don’t pay a commission, should you decide to sell your home without any estate agents, you’ll still be responsible for certain things fees cover. These include (but not only):

Floor plans
Online advertisements
Marketing offline
Materials such as leaflets, for sale signs, as well as newspaper ads

Keep in mind that the majority of estate agents in the area operate on a”no sale, non-fee basis. This means that there’s less chance of losing money if you don’t with a sale. When you’re completely on your own you’ll never get all the cash you’ve spent for upfront selling costs even if you do not end up selling.

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