The advantages of using a local estate agent in East Kent

From shopping for groceries to banking online, services on the internet have become an integral element of our life over the last few years, and estate agents aren’t an exception. Online estate agents are getting a huge audience from advertisements on television, their low-cost offers can be extremely appealing but they don’t offer the same great advantages of the local high-street estate agent.

What are some of these benefits?

Local expertise

It might sound simple it’s not, but local estate agents have an unbeatable local expertise. Alongside being trained to provide comprehensive information and suggestions about the larger business, a lot of our experts have grown up and live in local communities and cities, which allows them to offer suggestions regarding the local area and the market for property from their personal experiences.

A personal relationship

Selling or purchasing a home is a very personal, and often emotionally charged experience. We want to know our clients in a more intimate way And what better way to accomplish this than by having a chat with them face-to-face?

If you’re looking to purchase your next house developing a personal intimate relationship with your consultant will help them know exactly what you’re looking to buy, to be able to provide you with the ideal homes for you immediately after they go to market. If you’re selling by knowing the property and you from the inside, they’ll be able to promote your property to prospective buyers in the most efficient way they can.

Promote to a wider but a specific public

While it is true that everyone is online today however, there are some who prefer doing things the old-fashioned way. So when you work with an estate agent on the internet you may end up not being able to reach a significant number of prospective buyers. If you sell through us, your home will continue to be advertised on the internet and will be featured on our websites, social media profiles and also on national websites like Rightmove however, it will also be featured in our branches for people who come by.

By using an estate agent in your area the property will be viewed by a targeted audience, which will attract buyers specifically searching for houses in your neighborhood which makes viewings and inquiries more likely to succeed.

A full, comprehensive service

Many estate agents online will help you sell your home or give you a house without any additional services without the additional services requiring the cost of. Alongside our usual selling and buying, leasing, as well as renting, our multi-faceted team of experts allows us to provide free appraisals, professional photography as well as expert guidance on mortgages, finance and conveyancing. We offer our clients a complete service for their entire home journey.

Cheap online estate agents might be attractive, but nothing can compare to the quality of service offered by an estate agent in your local area. If you’re still doubtful go to the branch nearest you to see the services we provide.

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