6 Tips for Matching Your Walls and Floors

Although the vivid colors and intricate designs of a wall are sure to draw the attention of your guests, it’s also maintaining an equilibrium that is vital to any design or interior. No matter if you choose to be bold with striking colors or go for something more subtle within your home ensure that the overall style of your floor and walls will work together for creating the most stunning interior.

In choosing a common color scheme across the space to focusing your style around a specific design or shape choosing to make your floors and walls align will create a harmonious visual appearance within any home. So, in this article, we’re sharing with you our top suggestions to consider when selecting wall and floor tiles.

1. Think about the overall feel and the purpose of the space

The purpose of a room is crucial in the ideal atmosphere because every area of the home will be utilized in a unique way. Studies have shown that designing interiors to create a tranquil atmosphere in the bedroom can enhance quality of sleep. This is due to everything from luxurious duvets to wall art having an impact on the way we sleep. If you’re planning to revamp your kitchen’s design the dark natural wood furniture and reds are a bold, but appropriate choice, thus it’s worthwhile to think about the overall look of the space prior to getting going.

2. Keep to your color palette

The addition of a splash of color is among the easiest methods to make a space shine However, that’s not to suggest that you have to cover all of your walls in one color. Although a feature wall with a splash of colour will do most speaking, make sure you stay constant by choosing subtle hues of that same color across the space. From small objects to scatter cushions and throws Sprinkle some colour around the room will ensure it stays constant and comfortable.

3. Utilize color combinations that complement each other.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for the boho-chic style or want to incorporate a design inspired by Morocco Contrasting colours can bring an extra dimension to an interior. The classiness that comes with pattern tiles is what makes them a popular selection, but it’s actually the variety of complementing colors in the intricate design of wall tiles that helps to create a harmony between the different colors within the room.

4. Do not be afraid to move to a higher level

While the look and the size of tiles can be amazing in a damp room, you must keep in mind that you don’t need to limit yourself to one kind of tile. For smaller spaces, opting for floor tiles that are larger and have smaller grout lines can reduce visual chopping and create an illusion of space so why not make distinction and similarity at the same time by covering the walls with a smaller version of the floor tiles?

5. Blur the lines

If you want to cover the entire surface of a room with colorful tiles could look overwhelming and overwhelming, showcasing one wall with tiles that are similar to your flooring will attract the attention of your guests and also create an unidirectional transition between the floor and the wall. No matter if you decide to use the same bright shades or apply the same unique pattern in different shades for your walls and floor and walls, embracing the idea of’similar, but different’ will create a dramatic impact.

6. Make use of accessories to join the design

The accessories are often thought as a last resort however, this could make us feel like we’re struggling to join the overall style of the room. From countering vertical grout lines using an attractive dining table, or highlighting intricate patterns using mirrors that reflect similar shapes. Both contrasting and complementary accessories will bring the overall design as well as create an impression harmony within the space.

If you’re looking for a vibrant and bold design or a subtle and elegant design 6 design ideas for interiors will make it more simple to make sure your floor and wall tiles are in harmony.

A well-designed interior can add a lot of value to your home – so what are you wasting time to do? There’s no better time to put the knowledge you’ve gained into action. No matter if you’re looking for striking wall tiles or durable floor tiles, stop by and explore our wide selection now!

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