10 Reasons Why Moving to Scottdale is a Great Idea

After having lived here for more than 20 years, we can safely affirm that Scottsdale is among the most desirable cities to reside in Arizona! Although it’s a tiny city located in Arizona however, it has many things to provide! It is home to abundant sunshine, excellent college education, breathtaking views of the mountains, and a lively nightlife. For young millennials on the cusp of a career, Scottsdale is the preferred alternative to the bustle of metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles or New York City. If you’re a resident here there is the small-town feel but with a big city vibe. Its proximity to activities for families and a price that isn’t that you can find in other areas of the nation is an appealing proposition for young professionals and retired seniors alike!

10 Reasons moving to Scottdale is a great Idea

Scottsdale has been for a long time the jewel in the crown of Arizona with world-class resorts and golf courses that are everywhere. It’s not difficult to understand why Scottsdale has gained this reputation for elegance and opulence. There’s a rich past of art, cowboys architectural styles along with desert-like landscapes, that have made Scottsdale an ideal destination for tourists or permanent resident. Here are some details on the reason you should be shifting in to Scottsdale AZ soon:

The history of the city Scottsdale was founded with a population of around 1000 people in the year 1920. It has since been growing to over 250,000! Nestled within Scottsdale, which is located in the Salt River Valley in the Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale is located between Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Tempe as well as Tonto National Forest. It is regarded to be one of the top locations for veterans to live, Scottsdale was discovered by an U.S. Army Chaplain who purchased 640 acres as one of the initial residents around 1888. They later established Scottsdale’s Scottsdale schools for public use, and it opened its first permanent schoolhouse that is regarded as a national landmark until today. Although, long ahead of its being discovered by European colonists, Scottsdale was home to Native American tribes. You’ll find Native American culture peppered throughout Scottsdale with distinctive spa practices as well as resorts, golf courses, and gaming.

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Weather – The area is known for its warm and sunny temperatures all year round. Because of this, outdoor activities are plentiful and typically require water. Spring is the ideal opportunity to make the most of everything Scottsdale offers for outdoor activities, with the average temperature of 70 degrees. At night, expect temperatures to drop as low as 50 degrees. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by a campfire as the sun sets amid the mountains and boulders that tower over you. Scottsdale is blessed with a low amount of rain, but when it does rain, you can anticipate it during the autumn and summer months. As summer temperatures tend to be high at 100 degrees and the humidity is high, it could make any outdoor activity uncomfortable. This is the ideal time for a relaxing spa day!

Spring Training is among the numerous seasonal events held throughout Scottsdale, AZ. There are never a shortage of exciting options for your family and friends when you reside in Scottsdale.

Population – Scottsdale’s rapid growth over time has made it a desirable place to live for a young population. The vibrant social and nightlife scene has been similar the city of Miami South Beach with a large amount of culture, diversity and art. In reality, more than 30% of people are aged between 25 to 49, and 17% younger than 18.

Employment Opportunities – The majority of the population of Scottsdale are employed within the tourism sector which is the largest contribution to the city. Scottsdale is fast becoming a center for large companies from various industries such as healthcare, retail and aviation. Many of the largest companies have their headquarters in Scottsdale like Dell, CNN, Grubhub, Cigna, Gucci, Costco, Wyndham, Zillow, Chase, and many other companies!

Lifestyle – A great location to raise a child, Scottsdale boasts low crime rates and suburbs that are safe. There are plenty of opportunities for employment as well as dining, shopping and nightlife provide Scottsdale’s Scottsdale lifestyle among the most sought-after in the United States. The city is situated between the ocean and the mountains providing a perfect lifestyle and recreational possibilities that you can’t find in other cities. Within just a couple of hours and you’ll be at a ski area and in California. The majority of houses in Scottsdale are huge, which means you can choose between urban or suburban living.

School – Every school within the region are renowned for their top ratings and rigorous academic curriculum. From public to private preparatory schools, you’ll be impressed by the high level of academic performance the schools have maintained throughout the years. The majority of our high and elementary schools are staffed with highly educated and experienced teachers, well-rounded curriculums as well as a diverse student population.

Fun – What’s the point of a city such as Scottsdale without having fun? The city’s activities draw celebrities tourists, residents, and celebrities from all across Arizona and even further. Here are some of the most well-known things to do within the borders of Scottsdale:

Golf – It’s impossible to discuss Scottsdale without talking about golf. With so many beautiful and award-winning golf resorts as well as courses, we are able to write the best golf courses by themselves. There’s the famed TPC Stadium courses right here, and is waiting for players to enjoy an enjoyable round of golf just like the pros you’ve watched on television. Troon North is the crown jewel of Scottsdale golf courses. Its massive boulders and gorgeous landscape draw amateur and professional golfers from all around the world. The recently revamped Phoenician golf course was called “North America’s Most Popular Golf Course” and is one of the most beautiful course in the region.

Festivals – If you’re searching for something to do with the entire family, it’s right here in Scottsdale. If you’re a foodie, Scottsdale Culinary Festival Scottsdale Culinary Festival is a fantastic opportunity to indulge your senses with the most unique food, excellent wine and live music at the same time. Children can enjoy time at the Family Fun Zone while the adults will be able to sample over 200 microbrews that are available in the Four Peaks Garden or various culinary demonstrations by famous chefs as well as food specialists. It’s the Arizona Taco Festival is sure to tempt your taste buds with contests that celebrate Mexican food. More than 30 teams will take on a prize of 10% discount off the original cost, our team is well-known for its efficiency and a dazzling customer service prizes while you enjoy a variety of kinds of tacos.

Dining – There’s an abundance of top-quality dining establishments in Scottsdale. The options range from Cowboy Ciao featuring a blend of American, Mexican, and Italian food to the Greene House showcasing bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin, you’ll go home with a full stomach. Relaxing on the patio with the backdrop of a gorgeous pink sunset while enjoying a tasty cheeseburger and a drink with a glass of wine is our vision of a good time!

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The trails that lead to Scottsdale are simply unbeatable. No matter if you’re up to tackle a strenuous trail or prefer a more leisurely trail you’ll be surrounded by majestic mountains and native Cacti. Pinnacle Peak along with The Gateway Trail are two of the most well-known trails that you can take the entire family on. If you’re looking to have fun at night, Old Town is also an extremely popular spot with the best nightlife in Arizona. If you’re looking for live entertainment as well as good food and great drinks, be sure to visit the lounges, bowling alleys with pool parties, and trendy clubs at any time during the week!

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