10 Benefits of Double Glazing in Staffordshire & the Surrounding Area

As the name implies Double glazed windows are constructed from two layers of glass. They are divided by gap that can contain an inert gas, or it can be left empty. Although double glazing was initially designed to improve insulation for homes, it also can also provide many other benefits. Today we will examine the many benefits that double glazing from Window4you can provide and the reasons why your windows and doors ought to be double-glazed.

1. Better Insulation

As we’ve mentioned previously the development of double glazing was to be more insulating than traditional windows. Double-glazed windows create more protection, which reduces the transfer of heat from your home to cold air outside. The house will be more suited to hold the heat emitted by the sun in the daytime. In the summer, when temperatures are hot windows are able to are able to keep the intense heat out. The greater insulation that comes with double-glazed windows means that you will have cooler winters and warmer summers.

2. Noise Reduction

Have you been in a home in which the windows appeared to let even the smallest sound through? Double glazing is the solution. You won’t have to worry about the sound. They are more insulated from noise than single glazing. They are ideal for those who live in noisy area or near an airport. With double-glazed windows, your home can be an enviable and serene environment that is free of the loud and bustling world around. The same way windows help to block out the sound of your home inside. The windows keep your conversations in the home. You can also turn on the music and listen to it without disturbing your neighbours.

3. Increased Security

Double glazed windows are stronger and more durable than single-glazed windows. It’s also challenging to get them open from outside. This makes it difficult for burglars to break inside your home. You can also boost the security level by opting for the toughened or laminated glass. By installing these windows, you are able to rest knowing that nobody will be able to enter your home with ease.

4. Lower Energy Bills

Double glazing lets your home to keep the majority of the heat that it receives from the sunlight in the daytime. This means that you will need to switch on the heating significantly less frequently during winter seasons. In the summer heat as the house cools down, that you don’t need to turn on air conditioning as often. This results in less energy use and lower costs.

5. The value of a property has increased

You can clearly see that, having double glazing can make your house more comfortable and pleasant to reside in. This makes the home more appealing to potential buyers than a home that has windows with just one glaze. If you do require to sell your home and you want to sell it, you’ll be sure of receiving a better price than you would when you had single glazing

6. Reduction of Interior damage

You may have noticed, your possessions particularly those near doors and windows are affected by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The UV rays that are emitted by sunlight gradually cause destruction to furniture, d├ęcor and even carpets. Double glazing reduces your exposure to UV radiation that enters the interior of your home. The insulation that is provided by double-glazing ensures that your home furniture and decor are not subject to more damage due to the extreme temperatures fluctuation. You can boost the amount of protection against UV light by using an ultraviolet window tint.

7. It’s Eco-friendly

The past century has witnessed tremendous growth and development across the globe. The growth has been largely driven by fossil fuels, and their impact to the planet has been dramatic. It is crucial that we discover ways to lessen our environmental impact. Double glazing can reduce energy use and therefore is much better for the environment.

8. Little Condensation

Do you often look at your windows and notice water droplets? These droplets are visible because the windows have a cooler temperature than air inside the home. This causes the water on the windows to condense. The temperature inside the window pane is more similar to the temperature of the air within the home, thus it is able to prevent condensation. While it may not seem at all serious, condensation can have far-reaching effects. Droplets of water can cause mildew, mould which could cause health problems. The humidity may also cause windows made of wood to decay. The lower levels of condensation can help to avoid costly repairs and maintenance that are caused by damage from water.

9. Easy Maintenance

A lot of people think that double glazing causes problems with maintaining and cleaning your windows. But, that’s just an assumption. Make sure you clean your windows regularly since the accumulation of dust may cause discolouration. Remove the condensation to prevent the rotting of window frames . Avoid harsh methods of cleaning. By doing this, you will be certain that your double-glazed windows will last many years. These days, windows are equipped with easy clean technology that does not just make it simple to clean, but also reduces dirt. You can therefore never be ashamed of the sparkling and shining windows.

10. Aesthetics

Double glazing is a fantastic method of increasing appearance of your home. All architectural styles are able to be fitted with double-glazed windows without altering the look and feel of the home. If you hire an experienced and skilled contractor to install your double glazing you’ll be able to guarantee an impressive appearance.

It is clear that, the advantages that double glazing offers are enormous. In addition to the fact that your home will have a great insulation that keeps it comfortable all year however, you will also benefit from greater noise insulation as well as security and less the damage caused by UV radiation and heat. Additionally you’ll be able to rest knowing that you’re cutting down on your carbon footprint, and thus contributing to global environmental conservation efforts. Although it can be somewhat expensive when compared to single-glazing, it will pay for itself with the savings on energy bills as well as the value it brings for your home. Contact us today to get top-quality services and the most affordable rates.

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